The Right Windows for Your Home Design

You name it, we got it. With over 40 years of experience installing windows, there’s no task too great for the SIR Home team. For more information on the windows we install, view our list below.

Double Hung

Our double hung windows are constructed from PVC or virgin vinyl, making them ideal for any homeowner seeking longevity. Because of this material’s high quality, it will not rot, chip, or peel, meaning it requires less maintenance for the homeowner. On top of that, these windows are capable of tilting inward as needed, which makes cleaning them an absolute breeze.

Double Casement

A sleek, classic option, the twin casement window has all the same benefits of its similar single casement counterpart, but instead features two panes of glass that open outward from the left or right and can extend to a full 90-degree angle. Not only does this wide opening range permit the best air flow through your home, it also makes cleaning a breeze.

Bay Window with Casement

This handcrafted bay window style is a one-piece design consisting of three windows, with the center panel measuring twice the size of the outer two operable casement windows. These bay windows feature an interior header and seat that is hand-sanded and constructed from birch or oak veneer. Additionally, our professionals offer an array of colors and wood grains to make your bay window fit in with the current design of any room.

Bay with Double Hung Window

Our custom-sized bay windows add light and space to any room. This one-piece, handcrafted window is composed of three panels, two of which can act as operable double hung windows. Furthermore, the center panel of this style measures twice the size of the outer two, making it the perfect addition for any home that prioritizes spaciousness. The bay window features either a birch or oak veneer interior header and seat that is sanded by hand to ensure only top-quality construction.

Picture Window

Beautiful picture windows from allow ample amounts of sunshine to enter your home all year long. Thanks to their solid vinyl construction, windows are resistant to rotting, chipping, and peeling, and feature fixed sashes that cannot be opened. Picture windows are perfect as a decorative accent alone or can be paired with other windows to make for a unique scene.

Slider Window

This two-panel slider allows you to overlook your backyard or enjoy any scenic view outdoors. The two-lite slider features two horizontally sliding panels that are mounted on brass wheels for hassle-free movement. Because of that, it’s easy to open and close this style of window with little effort, allowing you to take in a cool breeze when the weather permits. Constructed from solid vinyl, this style of window will not rot, chip or peel, which means reduced maintenance for the homeowner.

Garden Window

Garden windows are a beautiful addition to a kitchen or even a family room. As a great source of light, these windows are the premier choice for those looking for both functionality and a sense of spaciousness. Available in numerous colors and wood grains, garden windows are sure to fit in nicely with any existing color scheme. Optional acrylic shelves are also available with this style of window, which are made from solid vinyl for increased durability.

Hopper Window

Hopper windows are a great way to add ventilation to any basement. These windows are hinged at the bottom and open inward from the top, making them shockingly easy to open and let in that fresh air. Moreover, the simplicity of their sash removal makes these self-aligning windows some of the easiest to clean windows out there.

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