SIR Home Cares: Improving Our World

Since SIR Home Improvements opened its doors in 1980, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners in Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana protect and beautify their homes with our phenomenal remodeling products and services. But that’s not enough for us. As a community leader, we believe that it’s our responsibility to proactively give back to our community and our world. That’s why we perform energy audits, install Baths for the Brave, and work closely with the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Energy Audit

We offer a complimentary energy audit and sealing program to every homeowner who partners with us for a home upgrade. We begin by pressurizing the home using an indoor blower fan and checking for leaks as outside air finds its way back inside. Once leaks are identified, we repair faulty window caulking and other common sources of leaks free of charge.

Since we began this program in 2011, we’ve helped homeowners substantially reduce their demand for natural gas and electricity and, according to estimates from Consumers Energy, we’ve prevented nearly 600 tons of carbon emissions from polluting the atmosphere.

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Baths for the Brave

The goal of Baths for the Brave is to improve the lives of veterans who were left disabled from their military service or have experienced hardships in their life that prevent them from completing normal everyday tasks such as bathing.

It’s easy to talk about giving back to our veterans, but we feel that following through is truly what matters most. Through our Baths for the Brave program, we’re glad to offer even this small token of appreciation. If you’d like to nominate a veteran to receive a free bathroom, click below for more information.

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NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

SIR Home Improvements is active in NAMI, the largest grassroots mental health organization in the country. In fact, our founder, Frank Mumford, has been president of NAMI Southwest Michigan since March 2017. Based in Kalamazoo, MI, this organization is dedicated to improving the lives of people coping with serious mental illness and their families through mental health advocacy, education and support programs, and more.

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