Our Process

Our single-day bathrooms are a Sir Home specialty, and our customers love them for their low- or zero-threshold entry and mold and mildew resistance. But how do we accomplish an entire bathroom installation in just one day? Well, we’ll tell you:

1. Home Visit & Planning

Our Sales Consultants bring the bathroom showroom to you, discussing ideas and turning your vision into a tangible plan. We believe in practical solutions that start with a friendly conversation right in the heart of your home.

2. Order Confirmation

Once the vision is set, our Project Manager steps in to ensure every detail aligns with your dreams. We confirm orders, double-check specifications, and make sure everything is on track for your upcoming bathroom transformation.

3. Timing & Expectations

Curious about when your dream bathroom will become a reality? At this point, we sit down with you, discuss timelines, and set clear expectations. That way, you can stay informed and excited about the journey ahead.

4.  Project Kickoff Planning

As we approach the kickoff of your bathroom remodeling, our production team works closely with you to set the project’s start date. We always work within your schedule to make sure everything is in place for a smooth transition from plans to action.

5. On-site Magic

The big day arrives, and our skilled installers show up on time, ready to bring your dream bathroom to life. To us, this isn’t just a project; it’s a transformation happening right where you live. Are you ready for your new and improved bathroom?

Our Process

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