FREE Energy Solution System - Audit and Seal

We're the company your neighbors' trust to reduce our community's carbon footprint and  save money on energy costs. This free service is offered with every purchase of kitchens, baths or windows.

Little leaks can add up to big increases in your energy bills. And with costs rising to 30% or more, SIR Home Improvements can help you reclaim that money and pay for you new windows, bath remodel or kitchen refacing project.

Our Energy Solution System program has generated enormous energy savings since we began offering it in 2011. This program is comprised of an energy audit of your home, identification of the sources of air leaks, and sealing those leaks. This service is offered absolutely free with any home remodel purchase. It's our way of letting our customers know that SIR Home Improvements cares about keeping you and your family warm in the winter and cool in the summer and saving you money.

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