How much value does a new Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel add to a Home?

Both kitchen and bathroom renovations are the most popular projects homeowners are requesting today. And yes, they are great investments that you can not only enjoy now, but can also recoup the majority of the costs when you go to resell.

According to home remodel guru Mike Holmes, these valuable remodeling projects are recovered at 75%-80%. If your bathroom or kitchen is 15-20+ years old and outdated, it most certainly will add to your home's value. But there's also some very valuable hidden aspects on getting a bath or kitchen updated if you're planning to resell in the next 2-5 years. 

The housing market has always been cyclical. One year it's a Buyers' Market, the next a Sellers' Market. Fortunately, new kitchens and baths play well in both arenas.

In a Buyers Market, homes that have these new renovations will sell much faster since you've made your home more attractive and move-in ready. When you're competing with all the other homes for sale in your neighborhood, the last thing you want to have happen is for it to languish for months on the market. Having a new bath or kitchen not only makes your home show well, it's extremely valuable to home buyers who would rather roll that value into a new home mortgage than to finance it separately in the future.

In a Seller's Market, these home improvements are two the biggest features that home buyers are willing to pay more for - sometimes even over the asking price when the bidding is competitive. In a Seller's Market, even less-desirable homes can go for a lot of money. A home with a new kitchen and/or bath, can help you sell quickly and bring in higher offers. 

Another big selling benefit of having a kitchen or bathroom project done by SIR Home Improvements is the transferrable lifetime warranty that goes with it. When you go to sell the home, just request that transferrable warranty and you can pass it on to the new owner when you hand over the keys. That's a huge value in peace of mind for buyers, and something that can add more money in your pocket at closing.

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