Windows and Sliding Glass Doors

Triple Pane WindowThere are many options when choosing the style of replacement window or sliding glass doors for your home.

Some factors you will want to consider when selecting the best value for you and your home may include: low maintenance, superior energy efficiency, air tight construction, finely crafted design and the industry’s best warranty.

Our glass packages offer superior energy efficiency for lower heating and cooling costs!

Dual Glazed Glass Window SystemThe Ultra-U Plus Glass System

A 7/8” overall dual-glazed insulated glass unit featuring the exclusive Ultra-U Plus glass, spacer system, and an air space filled with high density argon gas. The Ultra-U Plus coating structure is composed of eight layers of high performance reflective metallic shields.

R Value = 7.14*      U Value = .29**

Triple Glazed Glass Window SystemThe Triple-Glazed Ultra-U Plus System

This exclusive package increases the performance of our windows to levels that meet or exceed the Department of Energy R5 Program standards for thermal performance.  A 7/8” overall triple-glazed insulated glass with two panes of UUPA glass and one pane of sound absorbing glass sandwiching two chambers filled with high density argon gas.

R Value = 7.14*       U Value = .22**

 * The higher the R-factor, the better insulated the window.
** The lower the window’s overall U-factor, the less heat and energy you will lose through your  

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