Raising the bar in the home improvement industry was our goal when we started SIR Home Improvements in 1980. While installing residential siding, insulation and roofing is the S, I and R of our name, we do much more than that. We essentially improve people’s lives. That is the heart of our business and the heart of our staff, starting with owner Frank Mumford all the way down.

SIR Team

That philosophy has led to our growth from two people at the very beginning to a staff of about 40 people who have served thousands of satisfied home owners over the years. We have expanded our product line to include windows, doors, gutter covers and bath solutions. These new additions along with our original product lines are available to areas across southwest Michigan into northern Indiana.

In 2009, we raised the bar again by becoming the first home improvement company to be Green Business Certified by the Green Business Institute.  With our home improvement products, we were making homes more energy efficient, so it was just natural to challenge ourselves as a business to be more environmentally responsible. We even practice environmental responsibility at our office in Schoolcraft. Upon your arrival you will see several recyclable containers out back used for all job-related debris, such as cardboard, aluminum, vinyl and glass. The office also recycles everything possible from paper to ink cartridges. Recycling is our contribution to the fight against the effects of greenhouse gases and global warming. Going green is a natural fit for what we do every day. It is a reflection of this company, but more importantly, all of us here feel it is the right thing to do

SIR uses Earth Friendly ProductsWe also use Earth Friendly Products and install them correctly. All of our technicians are factory trained with hundreds of hours in combined product training annually.

Because of that and our commitment to customer service, we give our customers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you get your money back. We do all these things because we care about our world, our work, our reputation and, most importantly, about you. Knowing you are a happy, satisfied customer brings us joy. Happy customers will also spread the word about SIR Home Improvements which lets us continue to help green the planet, one home at a time starting in Kalamazoo, MI and moving outward from there.