Hot air naturally gravitates to cold and now that you have insulated your attic and ceilings, replaced your roofing system and installed our highly energy efficient windows, that leaves one escape route for energy, your doors. They are now acting as a hole in your home’s defenses.


SIR uses ProVia, which are specially manufactured doors that prevent heat and cold from escaping your home. Our doors increase the comfort of your home and save you money through featuring a low U-factor, low SHGC and high VT. These factors make ProVia’s doors so energy efficient that the company was chosen by the EPA and the Department of Energy as the Energy Star 2007 Partner of the Year in door manufacturing. They also received this award due to their outstanding contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by manufacturing energy efficient products.

At SIR Home Improvements we are committed to doing things right and doing right by you. Call us today to come check your doors and stop the draft.

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