SIR Home Improvements can provide a fast, easy and affordable solution to your bath problems.

Acrylic bath systems have been the secret of every major hotel and motel chain for decades. The biggest names in hospitality and comfort choose acrylic because of its durability, mold resistance and very low maintenance.

Also available through SIR Home Improvements are Senior Safe® Baths. These walk-in tubs provide a true bathing experience. They provide both shower and bath options and feature a 1” entry threshold, which makes for easy access and is the lowest in the industry. They feature a grab bar and an ADA-compliant seat height. Water is able to continuously circulate and remain heated through the built-in heater and hydrotherapy jets, which also allow you to soothe sore muscles during your bathing experience. When finished, the self-purging system cleans out the lines in two to three minutes preventing any mold or bacteria from growing in the water lines. As is true of all our services, these Senior Safe® Baths are professionally installed and often times in a single day. And mostly importantly, our Senior Safe® Baths are guaranteed for life. Open the following link for more information by Senior Safe® about the health and healing benefits of a walk in tub:

build-bath-callout1On installation day, skilled professionals will install the grab bar, level the tub if necessary, fill it with water to check for leaks, test the jetting system, caulk and clean the tub and then remove all debris and cleanup any remaining mess. Open the following link for a complete Senior Safe® walk in tub buyers guide:

Americans want to continue to enjoy the lifestyle they have grown accustomed to and remain safe in one of the most dangerous rooms of the home at the same time. You can rest assured that SIR Home Improvements will provide you or your loved one with the best solutions for special bathing needs available.

  • Tub to shower conversions are also available and can allow for wheelchair access.
    Custom colors and fixture matching are offered as well.


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